PH Soda - P&H Soda & Syrup Co. Brooklyn, NY – Review

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P&H Soda & Syrup Co. Brooklyn, NY – Review

Recently I attended a street fair, and met street vendor

P&H Soda Co. selling soda syrup, staffed by Owners: Anton & Erica

You have to ask:

Just how healthy is a street vendors soda syrup product?

Sure, it may taste good – all sugar products taste good BUT"”

Is it GOOD for you?

P&H Soda is pretty scary stuff if you put your trust in

Your dentist and the Scientists at Colgate-Palmolive Co.

Manufactures of the worlds leading brand - Colgate Tooth paste

Colgate's reports the negative effects of natural sugar, and soda syrup;

Soda & Tooth Decay Report Review:

Both my dentists and Colgate agree:

Natural Soda Syrup has been proven to wear off protective tooth enamel.

It will cause cavities, gum disease, tooth infections;

including; root canal disease. (root canal repair costs upward of $3,900)

Be safe:

ask your "personal family dentist" about sugar and soda syrups

negative dental effects. Get smart – don't trust a street vendor.

And don't ask Anton Nocito the owner and chef of P&H Soda Syrup Co for his opinion.

Chef Anton Nocito Educational Bio includes;

- Never graduated from a four year Accredited College

- Took a few baking classes at the French Culinary Institute

- No record of Graduation from the French Culinary Institute

- Worked for 11 different employers in 10 years reported by: Restaurant Database

- View transcript here:

- an excellent blogger and promoter – without academic credentials

It appears Mr. Anton Nocito NEVER "graduated" from

any accredited college, or food institute.

Really, what are Chef Nocito's qualifications?

I bake bread as a hobby can I be called "Chef Judy"?

Nocito will tell you his all natural sugar soda syrups are

healthy, and made without bacteria fighting preservatives.

I found it worrisome that P&H Soda and Syrup does not list

the syrup ingredients, the fat content

or calorie content on their syrup bottle labels.

What is P&H Soda hiding?

Maybe quite a lot.

We also found the following to be extremely worrisome;


- We tried to locate Nocito's restaurant, couldn't find it

- We tried to locate the P&H Soda and Syrup - manufacturing plant - couldn't find it

- We tried to locate a P&H Soda and Syrup - store, -couldn't find it

- We tried to locate the P&H Soda and Syrup - Corp Office - couldn't find it

- We tried to locate the P&H Soda and Syrup business phone number – no Verizon listing

- Could not locate a State Record for a Liability Insurance Bond

Issued to the P&H Soda and Syrup Co Inc., P&H Soda Co. or Anton Nocito

- No record for food permits or certification



Would you buy and drink soda syrup from unknown company imported from China?

The same may hold true for P&H Soda Co. that runs a

transient booth stand at NYC street fairs.

"Buyer Be Ware" was my mother's favorite expression for decades

For health safety reasons;

my recommendation is to stay away from unknown food products and

transient food vendors that don't list a business address.


Judith Wiegel

Review about: Soda Syrup.

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